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Our Story

You are not alone. Caring for an individual requiring 24/7 attention can have a tremendous impact on you and your family's lives. Being realistic about when it's time to seek additional help is key to everyone’s well being. Our goal at Tender Loving Home is to assist you in maintaining a rich relationship with your loved one while providing a safe, caring, and enjoyable environment for them all day, every day.

Leo Wong, Founder of Tender Loving Home, can certainly relate to your journey as he had a really close relationship with his maternal grandmother, Virginia. Although they lived in different states, he would call her at least once a week and visited her a few times a year. However, over the years, her physical and mental health began to slowly decline and residing in a senior independent living community with no on-call care was no longer adequate for her needs. While in the process of seeking alternative housing options for her, she unfortunately had an accident while unsupervised at home leading to a quick decline in her health and ultimately, her passing. 

Leo was completely devastated to say the least, and after some time mourning, he channeled this frustration and sadness into something productive. With this new sense of purpose, Tender Loving Home was created in memory of his grandmother. 

Our warm, welcoming 9,000+ square foot home sitting on an acre is the premier state licensed assisted living and memory care home in North Las Vegas with luxury fully furnished shared and private 350+ sq ft suites, each with ensuite accessible bathrooms and walk-in closets providing privacy and comfort. Our experienced administrator, caregivers, and staff provide unmatched 24/7 individualized quality care. 

Leo's story happily continued as he and his family decided to move his paternal grandmother, Judy, from a skilled nursing facility in California to Tender Loving Home as of December 2021. They noticed that her mentation was declining and the staff wasn't equipped to provide her the individualized attention that she needed at this stage of life, so Leo thought "What better environment to care for a loved one, than your own?" Leo and his family were thrilled to have be able to spend quality time with her until she peacefully passed away in June 2022.

We welcome you to schedule a private tour to experience our beautiful home for yourselves, meet our staff, and even try some of our gourmet food! We hope you’ll consider joining our family!


                Grandma Virginia                 


                Grandma Judy.                      


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